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Best Book Stores in New York City

New York City is bookworm’s paradise with enriched collection of books. The city is swarmed by small yet resourceful book-centers that are always flooded by New Yorkers all the time! New York City has all of it— bookstores that suit every individual’s tastes, one can sit and read there with a steaming hot cup of tea plus book centers for the poor, average and the rich!

The Drama Book Shop is the perfect heaven for book lovers! Located at Theatre District in New York City, this bookshop has a medium range of books but books that are of top quality. The place has best of art and literature golden books to enjoy and cherish forever. The bookshop displays Shakespearian works in a special and touching manner with thousands of British, American French, Greek, Asian and African plays. The store has a complete separate section having wide DVD and CD collection that is most beneficial for those wishing to master other languages. Visit to this New York City bookstore is mandatory for all the theatre-loving audience!

Another excellent book haven in New York City is the Printed Matter, having some of the finest art & literature book collection. Established in 1976, Printed Matter has two rooms with a hallway displays more than 5000 books by a conglomerate of mixed artists- both local and international.

There are many other smaller and notable bookstores with relatively cheaper prices. The Strand is New York City’s largest exclusive bookstore that is popular for its amazingly cheap book rates! The store hosts some excellent book collection from fiction to contemporary arts to certain rare books.

Amongst other magical book houses of New York City, Rizzoli Book Store name is worth mentioning with its unique collection of Italian literature, music and movies that you would not come across anywhere in the US. The place has a dedicated section to fiction, magazines, style guides with a complete floor reserved for architecture and art books from all around the world.

Other fantastic book centers of New York City include names as 192 Books, Argosy and McNally Jackson’s Nolita bookstores.


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